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We Care

The ministries of Vision of Breath with Life are here to provide words of encouragement and resources of support so we may be of assistance.  As we come together in corporate prayer or to enjoy a meal during one of our round table discussions, we share life experiences and how situations changed after applying the biblical principles we have been taught.  Events hosted during the year allow us to provide food, clothing and other donations for individuals and families.  We enjoy seeing children's faces light up after receiving school supplies or toys for the holidays.  We've witnessed God's miraculous healing from auto accident injuries to people being made whole from serious illnesses.  Deliverance from drugs and other addictive behaviors allows us to testify that God does indeed answer the prayers of His children!

Men of Valor

Women of Banner

 Board of Vision

Pastoral Aid Committee

Elders Board

 Baptism Committee

Praise Team

Sound Team

Usher Board

Communications and Hospitality Committee

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